Please Stop Sampling the Poison Apples!

This was a 3d illustration I created in Blender for a Halloween giveaway for my followers. I tried to implement a bit of humor into something that was thematically appropriate for this sometimes dark and scary time of year. This one is themed on a shop for wizards and witches that has a bit of a problem with the customers constantly helping themselves to free samples.

I rendered these in 6K resolution to be able to print them on 11x17 posters. That extra resolution combined with outputting to a 32 bit raw file really helped when it came to compositing in Blender and Photoshop because I could tap into the light interaction coming from the massive shop window in the background.

Brandon hix composited final

Final render composited and color corrected in Blender and Photoshop

Brandon hix test

Refining the overall backlit lighting setup and also tweaking the shaders to get them to feel right

Brandon hix test

Starting to get some lights put into place

Brandon hix wip october 2015 01

After most of the scenery is in place, another AO render

Brandon hix untitled

An early AO render, still modeling set pieces