IS Falcon Concept Vehicle

This is a concept car that I designed for a series of courses that demonstrate how to build a highly realistic CG car to be integrated into a visual effects shot for film.

I started by developing some blueprints and a 3/4 sketch using Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop over the period of a couple of months. The car was modeled over the course of a couple of weeks and the entire process is covered in my course BlendMasters Volume 1: Modeling a Concept Car for Film in Blender. In BlendMasters Volume 2 I cover how to achieve the lighting and materials shown in the renders using Blender and the Cycles rendering engine.

The project is still a work in progress and more courses will be released in the future covering new aspects of the project as it unfolds.

You can purchase Volume One or Volume 2 covering how to model, shade, and light the car in Blender on Gumroad at:

Brandon hix 03 front 1080p 500samples

Studio lighting with fully procedural shaders rendered in Cycles, composited internally in Blender using film stock LUTs

Brandon hix 04 closeup 1080p 2000samples

A close up version of the internal headlight details and car paint shaders, depth of field rendered natively in Cycles

Brandon hix 01 is falcon concept reference

The model sheet created for the concept car in Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro

Brandon hix 02 clay

The finished model from BlendMasters Volume 1 rendered in a clay shader from BlendMasters Volume 2