Gibson 335 Custom Guitar

This project was a Christmas present for my dad. He's an avid guitar enthusiast and I wanted to customize a Gibson based on his existing 335 model as a special gift.

So for this project I did all the modeling, shading, lighting, and rendering in Blender and Cycles. Everything was completely built from scratch and it took me about 60 hours from beginning to end to do all of the work. I created a few black and white image maps in Photoshop that I used to drive the procedural shaders, but all the materials were built from the ground up in Blender for Cycles.

For the final gift I got a big movie size poster printed up for my dad and he seemed to really enjoy it. A really fun project to work on overall. Challenging, but fun.

Brandon hix poster

Final 24x36 poster print

Brandon hix vertical

Final guitar

Brandon hix closeup 01

Bridge and fret board design closeups

Brandon hix closeup 02

Pick guard and control knob closeups

Brandon hix closeup 03

Pickups and warranty sticker closeups

Brandon hix closeup 04

Wood detail and head design closeups

Brandon hix wip 03 4k

Work in progress - 3 (almost finished now)

Brandon hix wip 02 4k

Work in progress - 2 (with some notes)

Brandon hix wip 01 4k

Work in progress - 1 (a lot left to do)